Freelancer SEO Level 1 Exam Answers

Hello, Trendies!

Do you want to be a successful freelancer in future?

Do you want to get more projects and earn money at your ownhome with your skill sets?

But don't know the way to get more projects and earn moneyfrom home?

What skills do you have?

Are you looking to start your career with digital marketing?

Now what is digital marketing and what it contains?

Do you have any knowledge about SEO, SMO, PPC, CPC and others?

Uff lots of questions!

But the way is straight to get success and earn from home.

In this era many peoples know what internet is and how to use it. But rare peoples know what is the back process of this and how to earn money from this.

Here I'm going to tell you one success mantra from which you can give time to your family and also work.

How is it possible?

At this time this question occurs in mind of many peoples and I know lots of peoples have already tried lots of ways to earn money but now they think each and every website who says you can earn money online from home is fake.

I am not saying that earn money from home is an easy task. Even for that you need to struggle but this time you will struggle to make your own future not of any company.

This time there are lots of websites through which you can get projects and earn money from home. Now I am going to share the names of some websites which can give importance to your skills and give you the power to become lotus in mud.


These are some of the best websites for you if you have great knowledge and command over your skills. Suppose you know how to take any website on the top of the search engines, you can select SEO as your career.

For SEO you need to know the algorithms of search engines to find out the best websites from this crowded web. If you know this then there is no one to stop you.

Now I am going to tell you that I found freelancer is the best platform to show your skills and earn money from them but I am also working on almost all the platforms like these.

To get SEO projects first you need to clear your SEO level-1 exam from your profile which costs you 330 INR and then you can start bidding for SEO projects.

As you have passed your SEO Level-1 exam then employers can able to see your certiicate on your profile and your chances to win that project increased. But remember to clear SEO Level-1 exam you need at least 75% marks in your test.

Now there is one question that how to study for that?

Don’t worry about that, I have shared the latest video of SEO Level 1 exam taken this May with 80% marks. You can study with this and in reference you can study some general knowledge of SEO for Wikipedia.

Now please see this video and learn which type of questions freelancer asked in SEO Level 1 exam.

I glad to any question you may have. Please comment that question and you will get the solution.

Thanks for reading this article.

Hope this article and video is helpful for you.
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